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Will Wandavision have a second season? Kevin Feige answers

Marvel Studios debuts in the series world with Wandavision It was a huge success, and although the Scarlet Witch storyline closed in nine episodes, it generated great anticipation for a possible second season. Now, the creative director of the Marvel Cinematographic Universe (MCU), Kevin Feige, has commented on the possibility of moving forward with the plot.

During a lecture at Paley Dialogue, Feige was asked about a sequel to Wandavision Or even develop the story in other forms in the future. According to him, the narrative about Wanda Maximoff does not end in the last chapter of the series and this plot should develop soon and in various formats alongside Disney +. So much so that he remembered that the character would come back Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessIt is scheduled to hit cinemas next year.

Feige emphasized that the film would not be the only place this story would continue, but that it should also extend to other places. However, he did not confirm where exactly, nor did he clarify whether or not we should expect a new season of the series.

The audience’s interest in more episodes is completely understandable. According to SambaTV, which measures audiences on US streaming platforms, Wandavision It is the third most-watched series of all Disney+ on its debut episode, with over 1.6 million accounts in just three days – a phenomenon that has also been replicated in other countries where this follow-up takes place.

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