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Jose Alfredo and Maria Marta take off against Maurelio

The next chapters of empireAnd the Jose Alfredo (Alexander Nero) account Maria Marta (Lilia Cabral) Who already knows that Morel (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) is the son of Sebastian (Reginaldo Faria) and suspects that she is with the young man to prepare something against him.

He found Sebastiao’s son, the man who taught me the way to the stones. The person who seized his fortune in Switzerland. You know that if he finds out that I robbed his father’s fortune, he’ll go to court and that’s what you want to frustrate me”Millionaire analyzes.

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You are not the only one who can destroy the son of Sebastian. It is the entire empire. If you fall, we will all fall for you. This Morelio seduced me until he was very close to me, and under my control. My intuition tells me he knows very well what got into it. We have to play together or else the Empire will not have the strength to stand up to the invasion and everything we have built could collapse.”back mother Maria Clara (Andrea Horta).

“It doesn’t matter how I started, it’s important that I’m here and no adventurer will ever get their hands on what I’ve achieved. Even if I have to play hardcore‘, he sees. The two shook hands and sealed the agreement.

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