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Who leaves reality in the second danger zone?  · the news

Who leaves reality in the second danger zone? · the news

Erick Ricarte, Stephanie Gomes, and Tiago Dionisio are in the danger zone for A Grande Conquista. The three participants officially ended up in the hot seat after the Prova da Virada that took place on Wednesday (31). Faby Monarca won the activity and eliminated the possibility of disqualification. Who should actually stay? Vote in the poll the news.

On the live version of the Record Show, Eric, Fabi, and Stephanie are called by Mariana Rios to compete in the dynamic that will only save one of them from the danger zone.

Prova da Virada required competitors to be agile and aim, whoever completed the task faster would win. “You need to release the discs by spinning around the piece, then you need to move these discs by a beam and put them in the right order on a platform to launch the balls. In the final part, you need to shoot down six targets with tennis balls, ”the presenter explained.

Activity champion, Fabi got rid of the spot and chose to put Thiago in his place. “I will continue with my strategy and it is really a strategy. My game has already been compromised, and I want to have the right to play,” the ex-Brazilian couple justifies.

The polls have no scientific conclusion, they only depict a tendency on the part of the viewers of A Grande Conquista. Official voting for the show is taking place on the R7, and voting is here to stay. The official result will be announced on Thursday night (1).

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Who left the great conquest?

According to part of his survey the newswhich has collected more than eight thousand votes as of the last update of this text, Stephanie is likely to quit the racewith only 27.62% preferring to stay.

Thiago came second with 30.06% of the crowd’s picks. Eric is the least vulnerablewith 42.32% popular support.