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Dylan Bezerra says she suffers from prejudice from condominium neighbors

Dylan Bezerra says she suffers from prejudice from condominium neighbors

Dylan Bezerra, 33, says she struggles with prejudice in the luxury condominium where she lives in Alfaville, São Paulo. MC Kevin’s widow He also said he’s lived well “since I was 25” after graduation live.

In an interview with Mauricio Meirelles on “Foi Mau” (RedeTV!), which aired last night, Dylan said he wanted to build condominiums for her and her family.

“I want to build our own condominium in Alphaville so that we don’t have a neighbour,” he declared. “Don’t you like the neighbors? Do they bother you?” asked the announcer.

I do not like? They, who do not like me, tell me to go back to the slums all the time. People think I only have money now. I’ve been living well since I was 25 years old. As a lawyer, I bought an apartment, got into a car worth R$500,000, my office and two other houses were rented. I’m coming to you I say that in a year of advertising, I earned what I earned my whole life calling, but I already had money

Dylan Bezera

“It was just suppressed, with electronic anklets around the apartment complex and they kept criticizing me. I’ve never had a party at home, when I do a barbecue. They were upset because I posted an account of R$2,800. I lived in an apartment, and it’s not normal for me to come up with that much. And I said it was silly and then they said: Tell her to go back to the slums and make a cat. Oh, take in ç *“, he added.

Deolane’s fortune grew even more when she decided to become a digital influencer. “I just got caught location from sales and last week I got another one”

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She still regrets her life as an influencer and explains why she does not want to return to her career as a lawyer.

“The life of an influencer is one of the things that makes me sad and sometimes I feel sterile. I miss calling. I’m lazy [de advogar para mim mesma] Because what I spend a year on this process I earn in 45 seconds [na internet]”

Last Saturday, Deolane went shopping and spent more than R$82,000 on sportswear and shoes at a store in Sao Paulo. In all, she bought two pairs of sneakers, a bag, a sweatshirt set, and a Versace bag, as well as a pair of pants and some T-shirts.

In posts she made to her Instagram Stories, Deolane also revealed that she will pay the amount on the card, to avoid controversy. On one of his recent visits to the store, The doctor spent about 45,000 Brazilian riyalspay the amount in cash, raise a a series From negative comments online.

Deolane Bezerra spends R$82,000 on sportswear and shoes

Photo: Playback / Instagram