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Who is leaving The Farm 13?  The survey shows that Larry and Bill are more vulnerable.  Partial viewing · TV news

Who is leaving The Farm 13? The survey shows that Larry and Bill are more vulnerable. Partial viewing · TV news

on farm Farm 2021, Larissa Botino is the one with the greatest chances of elimination in the conflict against her gui arugu NS Valentina Francavilla. Part of the surveys indicate that the co-holiday with the ex and friend of the digital influencer has the least support from the audience of the reality show on Record.

Farm 13 Poll ->Who is in the field between Gui, Laryssa, and Valentina? Vote

searching for the news She has more than 52 thousand posts. Among the voters, only 13.64% want Larry Continuing the dispute for 1.5 million Brazilian riyals. The former Anitta is chosen by 33.70% of the people, while the theater assistant appears as the favourite: 52.66% prefer to stay in the game.

employment UOL . Poll, which has more than 17,000 votes, the situation is similar: the influencer is also the hyphenator, with 17.42% of the vote, but with a smaller difference for Gui, who got 30.71%. Valentina has 51.88%.

Opinion polls only indicate the direction of a portion of the audience. The result of the survey in the fifth farm has no scientific value or impact on the official Record website.

Vote for the farm 13

Gui Araujo and Laryssa lost the farmer’s test NS Bill Araujo. Valentina did not participate in the activity because she was banned on the night of the farm’s formation.

“I don’t have a speech ready, 30 seconds won’t sum up what I’ve been living through this month and a half here. I want to send a kiss to my family, let’s all vote. Next week is my birthday and he said, ‘I want to make a pagoda here.'”

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“Hi, Brazil. Before I got here, I was judged harshly and it was good to show my identity, but I guess I only had a little time to show that and I want to ask for votes to show more. Sit down, let’s stay,” Larissa said.

“Beautiful Valenatics, baby, I’m here 100% because of you and I’m counting on you 100% to keep going. I was a little calmer in the early days, but I really want to stay here. Stay Valen!” , in short, the former assistant stage mouse program.

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