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Formula 1 announces 2022 calendar with 23 races registered

Formula 1 announces 2022 calendar with 23 races registered

This year’s Formula 1 season saw the largest number of races in the sport’s history to date, with 22 races. But F1 has just released the provisional calendar for the 2022 season, and if everything continues as it is, it will end up setting a record. Break 23 runs.

The first season will take place in Bahrain, followed by races in Saudi Arabia, Australia and Italy. Next, there is the inaugural Miami Grand Prix as the first of two races in the US, followed by Spain, Monaco, Azerbaijan, Canada, UK, Austria, France and Hungary before the summer break. After returning from the break, the teams will head to Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy again, Russia, Singapore, Japan, the United States again, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

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Some tracks like Australia, Canada, Singapore and Japan are the ones we’ll see in the squad for the first time since 2019, while others, like China, will not return after leaving the COVID-19 squad. shivering. The Qatar race, new for 2021, will be excluded from 2022, when the country will host the soccer World Cup, but it will return in 2023 with a 10-year contract. The same year will also be the first year that the Russian Grand Prix is ​​held at Igora Drive in Saint Petersburg, which means 2022 will be the last year at the Sochi Autodrome, which has hosted F1 since 2014.

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There are seven double heads and two triple heads for 2022, plus there’s no gap between racing weekends for more than two weeks (except for the month-long summer break), meaning that while fans will be happy in terms of entertainment, the drivers and teams will be busy. Extremely.

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McLaren captain Andreas Seidl expressed his concerns about this in an interview with Racing News 365: “A very important issue is also the number of triple titles. In my view, we should completely avoid, to reduce the burden on our employees, three titles in the calendar. We should try to avoid any triple titles, to be honest.”

However, the season will now end in mid-November instead of mid-December, which will help give everyone more breathing space before the 2023 season begins.