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When will the third installment of my 2024 IR refund be paid?

When will the third installment of my 2024 IR refund be paid?

Brazilian taxpayers, who had been eagerly awaiting news about their income tax refund, received good news on Friday. a tax authority It announced the launch of the second batch of IRPF 2024, providing huge quantity release to thousands of people across the country.

This payment includes a total of 5,755,667 taxpayers and will distribute approximately 8.5 billion riyals. The priorities here are therefore clear, primarily meeting the needs of taxpayers affected by the recent rains in Rio Grande do Sul, as well as benefiting those who have chosen to receive payment via Pix.

What are the criteria for prioritizing investor relations reimbursement?

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The second wave of IR primarily targeted specific groups requiring special attention. This includes seniors, both those over 80 and those ages 60 to 79, as well as taxpayers facing significant health challenges. Such as physical or mental disabilities or serious illnesses. It also includes teachers whose main source of income is teaching.

The IRS provides an advisory portal that allows you to check whether you are among those who will benefit from the next payments that will be available. For those who meet the above criteria, it is possible to access the Federal Revenue Portal and check whether they are entitled to the benefits of this and subsequent payments.

This approach aims to ensure that the most vulnerable groups and people with special needs receive the necessary financial support during this period. The initiative also aims to ensure that resources are distributed fairly, taking into account the different situations and needs of Brazilian taxpayers.

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Remaining payment schedule for 2024

The IRS has already announced the next payment dates, ensuring that all taxpayers have time to plan. The first payment was made on May 31, followed by the second payment on June 28. The next payments are scheduled for July 31, August 30, and the last on September 30.

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It’s essential to stay on top of the due dates for each 2024 income tax refund payment and create reminders to avoid missing any deadlines. If doubts arise, the Federal Revenue Service provides a taxpayer assistance service that can be very helpful with specific questions.

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