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Itaú wants to migrate 15 million customers to the bank’s super app

Itaú wants to migrate 15 million customers to the bank’s super app

In the second half of 2024, Itaú Unibanco plans a major transformation. The famous Brazilian bank, when it celebrates its centenary, will start a project to unify its applications on a single platform. This strategic move aims to integrate the millions of users who currently use isolated products into a super powerful and practical rap.

This initiative is part of a trend observed in the banking sector, where user experience and centralization of services on digital platforms have become the main focus points. Keep reading for more information!

Understand changing Itaú to a super app

Image: Diego Tomazzini / Shutterstock.com

The decision to move to a unified app came after a detailed analysis of the current banking technology landscape and consumer preferences. Itaú recognized the need to provide a more intuitive interface that could serve different customer profiles at the same time, from individuals to small businesses.

From the end of 2024, about 15 million customers of Itaú Cartões apps, Credicard apps and others will be migrated to the main super app.

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Alexander Zancani, Director of PF Products and Digital Business at the bank, emphasized that this integration of services into a single platform represents ITAO’s response to the growing demand for flexible and integrated banking solutions.

So, check below the main benefits that Itaú customers will get by implementing the super app.

  • Automatic customization: the system will be able to adapt its interface and functions according to the user profile at the time of login;
  • Centralization of services: All financial services can be accessed through a single point, eliminating the need for multiple applications;
  • Technological innovations: applying new technologies for more flexible and intuitive interaction.
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Moreover, during the presentation at the Itaú Day event, it was revealed that the new strategy aims to improve the user experience. Moreover, it also aims to increase the bank’s revenue by attracting more customers by offering a more integrated and efficient service.

Finally, Pedro Moreira Salles, Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed his optimism about the bank’s growth through this new integrated vision. Salles stressed the importance of adapting the bank’s strategy to Brazil’s economic reality and customer expectations, stressing that efficiency must remain a critical focus for Itao’s future.

Image: Diego Tomazzini / Shutterstock.com