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WhatsApp launches channel creation on the platform

WhatsApp launches channel creation on the platform

The new feature allows people or organizations to send texts, photos, and videos to their followers in a one-way way

On Thursday (June 8. 2023), WhatsApp launched the creation of channels on its platform. The new feature, similar to the competing Telegram network, allows people or organizations to send texts, photos, videos, stickers and polls to their followers in a one-way way, that is, without direct interaction.

Channels will be available in a new tab called Updates, separate from personal chats and communities. To help you decide which channels to follow, we’re creating a searchable directory where you can find your hobbies, sports teams, updates from local authorities, and more. WhatsApp explains at advertisement.

For now, the feature will only be available in Singapore and Colombia for “Building, learning and adapting experience”according to the network. In the coming months, we will roll out the feature to more countries and allow anyone to create a channel.He says.

WhatsApp also states in the feature’s intro text that it’s intended for “Create a streaming service that provides the highest level of privacy.” To this end, the platform will not display the phone number or profile picture of channel administrators to followers. Depending on the network, the history of the channel’s updates will only be stored on the servers for up to 30 days.

“We’re including ways to make updates disappear faster from followers’ devices. Administrators will also have the option to block screenshots and forward channels.” she says.

Administrators will be able to decide who can follow the channel and if they want to make it visible in the search directory. According to WhatsApp, the feature will not be protected with end-to-end encryption. “We understand that there are some instances where placements with these protections for a limited audience might make sense, such as a healthcare institution or nonprofit organization, and we’re looking at this as a future option as well.”platform claims.

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