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Real estate financing: repayment in three years

Real estate financing: repayment in three years

Obtaining long-term financing can be an essential decision to make your dream of home ownership come true. However, many people want to get rid of this debt as soon as possible in order to gain greater financial freedom.

In this article, I share some strategies that can help you pay off a 30-year loan in just three years. Although it is quite a challenge, with discipline, planning, and dedication, it is possible to reach this goal and get out of debt sooner than you think. See here how to invest to buy a property.

Evaluate your current financial situation

The first step to paying off a 30-year loan in three years is to understand your current financial situation. Analyze your monthly income, expenses, and budget to determine where you can spend less and save more money.

This may include cutting excess expenses, renegotiating contracts, or even looking for an additional source of income, such as a part-time job.

Increase your payments due

One of the most effective strategies for paying off a loan quickly is to increase your monthly payments. By making larger payments, you will reduce the principal balance of debt more quickly, and thus will reduce the amount of interest accrued over time.

Consider paying extra each month, whether using a bonus, extra income, or accumulated savings.

Remember to contact your creditor to make sure the additional payments are applied directly to your principal balance.

Use your FGTS Credits

The FGTS balance can be used to pay off the financing debt or fully extinguish it. This can be an excellent option for using your FGTS. Well, considering that the value stored in them has a lower return than savings, nothing is better than using them to extinguish your mortgage balance, right?


Remember to always refer to the current rules adopted by Caixa, to see if you qualify.

Refinancing at a lower interest rate

If interest rates have dropped significantly since your loan was signed, the option of refinancing may be considered.

By refinancing at a lower interest rate, you can reduce your overall borrowing costs and speed up repayment. However, consider the fees and costs associated with refinancing before making a decision.

Consider a shorter term

Another option is to refinance your 30-year loan for a shorter term, such as 15 or 10 years. While this may increase the value of the parallel installments, it will also speed up debt repayment.

Before making this decision, make sure you can afford the higher advanced payments and make sure there are no transfers or additional fees to change the terms of the loan.

Reduce your expenses and lead a more measured lifestyle

During the period when you are dedicating yourself to paying off your finance, it is important that you adopt a more measured lifestyle. Reduce necessary expenses, avoid impulse purchases, and find more economical alternatives in your daily routine. Cut some expenses for meals out and other non-essential entertainment.

Reevaluating your spending habits helps you save more money to speed up your loan repayment.

Seek professional advice

Paying off a 30-year loan in three years requires sound financial planning and discipline. It is always recommended to seek professional advice from a financial advisor or financial education expert.

They can analyze your specific situation, provide customized strategies, and help you create a detailed plan to reach your repayment goal in the shortest time frame.

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Paying off a 30-year loan in just three years is quite a challenge, but not impossible. By embracing commitment and focusing on implementing strategies, you can increase your financial freedom sooner than you thought and enjoy the benefits of a debt-free life.