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WhatsApp now hides 'last seen' from some people

WhatsApp finally releases a function to hide ‘Online’ status

Now, the user can choose who can access the information on the Internet in the application. Check step by step for activation.

Feature that allows you to hide “Online” that appears in accounts The WhatsApp It is no longer exclusive to a few users and is now available to everyone. The job was highly anticipated by people who didn’t want to be seen accessing the messenger.

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Previously, there was no way to remove a file WhatsApp status “Online”. Whenever a user enters the application, other contacts can click on the conversation and see that it was on the platform. Now, there is a possibility to choose who can access this information from the condition.

How to hide ‘Online’ status on WhatsApp?

Those who want to learn How to become invisible on WhatsApp These steps can be followed:

  1. open WhatsApp;
  2. Then select “Privacy”;
  3. Then go to “Last seen and online”;
  4. From this step, select who can see “Last Seen”, if “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, “My Contacts Except…” or “Nobody”;
  5. Finally, decide who can see “Online”, if the “Last Seen” or “Last Seen” option is chosen.

It is important to remember that by hiding an “online” and “last seen” account, the user will also not see these same messages in other people’s accounts. Check the picture:

Image: How to hide WhatsApp status online

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