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TRE does not approve annual submission of PT accounts in the Federal District – News

TRE does not approve annual submission of PT accounts in the Federal District – News

The Regional Electoral Court of the Federal District, at a hearing held on Friday morning (4), rejected the annual submission of accounts by Labor Party (PT). The analysis of the accounts was as rapporteur Judge Renato Guanabara Leal and the members of the court followed unanimously to his vote of no.

Among the irregularities noted by the judges was the failure to shut down the SPCA system, a fact that impeded transparency but did not impede analysis of the accounts. In addition, according to TRE-DF, many expenses paid with funds from the party fund have not been proven. The report contacted the Labor Party for a position and has not received any response so far. The space is still open for demonstrations.

There was, for example, the absence of invoices for services rendered by a legal entity or a paid telephone service for third parties. According to the court, abuse of the fund, such as the payment of alleged bonuses that were not included in the employees’ salaries, was also checked.

For judges, an invoice with an access key indicating other values ​​and date could, in theory, constitute a crime against the tax order. They also say that “if only a portion of the mandatory values ​​are used for programs to promote and disseminate women’s participation in politics, an obligation will be imposed to transfer unused values ​​to a specific account of affirmative action.”

According to TRE-DF, irregularities related to the composition of the monetary fund reveal a complete distortion of the institute. “The assembly significantly exceeded the amount permitted by law to constitute the monetary fund (the allowable amount was R$ 2,9753.83 and what was formed was R$ 538,204.97), in complete disregard of the prevailing norm, as stated in the decision of the Electoral College.

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The decision also states that, in addition to improperly implemented financial management, which has resulted in many irregularities being recorded, it is likely that evidence of misuse of public resources is still present. This could, in theory, characterize the occurrence of electoral crimes, which have to be investigated by the electoral public prosecutor.