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WhatsApp allows you to go offline and invisible; See how it works

After many requests from users, the file The WhatsApp Now it allows you to completely remove online status from all contacts or only specific people. The new feature is currently only available for WhatsApp beta Version for Android.

Before that, it was messenger It only allows the user to restrict which of their contacts can see the “last seen” information, i.e. the last time the user accessed the app.

However, all contacts were able to see if the user was online the moment the private chat was opened.

Check how to remove online status from your WhatsApp

As said, the feature to hide online status for Messenger is only available, as of now, for the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. Therefore, the first step to making your own communication case is Update your app for this version.

After that, just go to “Settings” in messenger, select “Account”, then “Privacy” and “Last Seen and Online”. Below the “Who can see my last seen” option, there will be a new section called “Who can see me when I’m online”.

In this section, you can select the “All” option, to allow your contacts to see when you’re actively online, or reverse the “Last Seen” setting. If you choose this second option, you can limit ‘Online’ to only saved contacts, remove visualization Specific contacts or hide online status for all contacts.

It’s worth noting that if you hide the “online” view of a contact or all of them, you won’t be able to see them when they’re online either.

When will the new feature come to other devices?

According to WABetaInfo website that specializes in publishing WhatsApp information, the new feature will also be available on iOS devices at some point.

Regarding the default messaging app, No predictions yet From when will the new tool be available, as it is still under development.

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