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What would happen if the Earth ran out of oxygen for 5 seconds?

What would happen if the Earth ran out of oxygen for 5 seconds?

While humans would not have much difficulty holding their breath for those five seconds, the lack of oxygen would have disastrous consequences.
Montse Hidalgo

Montse Hidalgo Spain meteorite 4 minutes

imagine A world where oxygen, the essential ingredient we breathe, disappears for just 5 seconds. It is a hypothetical and unlikely scenario, and it would have immediate consequences, according to scientist Andrew Cote, of Columbia University. Below is a description of their research published in The Independent.

Harmful effects at the atmospheric level

Already in the first second of the disappearance of oxygen, and The atmospheric effect will be immediate. Earth's atmosphere, which consists largely of nitrogen and oxygen, will suffer unprecedented disruption. Air currents, driven by differences in atmospheric pressure caused by the presence of oxygen, will change suddenly.

This phenomenon will have cascading consequences, Which affects weather patterns and provokes unexpected weather phenomena around the world.

The sky will become dark

Another direct consequence would be the observed effect on the interaction of sunlight with the atmosphere. any, Since the atmosphere would not contain oxygen to scatter the light rays, the sky would be black.

There will be immediate changes in climate

In addition to, Solar radiation will reach the Earth's surface more directly, changing temperatures dramatically. Areas exposed to sunlight will see an immediate rise in temperature, while shaded areas will see a rapid cooling.

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It also has negative effects on our bodies

Obviously, lack of air would be the main problem, although if only 5 seconds passed without oxygen, our lungs probably wouldn't notice, but A sudden drop in air pressure will have terrible effects on the eardrum. It will also affect our internal organsWhich causes general discomfort and confusion.

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Entire cities will be destroyed

Oxygen plays a crucial role as a binding agent in concrete compositions. Imagine a brief period of complete absence of oxygen, which will cause this to happen Collapse and disintegration of buildings, bridges and other concrete structures.

The absence of oxygen would make the horrific images we have seen in so many movies come true.

Planes will crash and vehicles will stop working

One of the most striking effects can be seen in transportation, with does not work For all internal combustion engines. The result will be that all planes will fall to the ground, and cars and all types of vehicles will stop working.

Goodbye to the ozone layer

This series of disasters will culminate in the disappearance of the protective ozone layer, made up of three oxygen atoms. Which This means leaving everything exposed to the sun's intense UV rays and everything will burn quickly.

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