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What trend promises the fulfillment of dreams?

What trend promises the fulfillment of dreams?

“Delulu” could be the trend that has become a sign of the times we live in. In recent years, discussions have emerged on urgent topics, such as global warming or pandemics. This also creates spaces to offer alternatives.

We talked more about a horrific world, very radical things that we feel in our skin. At the same time, searching for what can be done to transform and prevent this apocalypse. Therefore, “dulu” may appear to be a reflection of an attempt to reduce suffering.
Luciano Seawaybreaker

The personalization scenario can also explain the success of this trend. By living a life where we have less contact with others, we can avoid a “reality check.”

Another thing that makes delulu easier to become a trend is that we have fragmented lives. We live in this internet world more and more, and the internet works according to this bubble logic. It brings together the similar and expels the contradictory.
Luciano Seawaybreaker

“Delulo is the solution” [‘Delulu é a solução’]? There is no consensus. In the United States, this phrase in English has spread widely on social media, with many people claiming that this practice is the solution to many problems. Experts point out that thinking can increase confidence in individuals, but caution must be taken. There is still no study that proves the benefits of being a delulo for achieving good results.

Being “delulu” is almost like a self-efficacy tool. It is the ability to own your choices, act and fulfill. (…) This is what it means to be a “failure” in the long run – to develop that resilience, to get up and try again, to be bold again.
Alison McElroy, psychotherapist, told Today

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