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Putin receives relatives of fallen soldiers and asks them for 'kindness, mercy and justice' on Orthodox Christmas

Putin receives relatives of fallen soldiers and asks them for 'kindness, mercy and justice' on Orthodox Christmas

The Russian President asked the government to make more efforts to protect and provide conditions for fighters in Ukraine

This time there was no ceasefire to celebrate Orthodox Christmas in Russia, as happened in 2023. However, the Russian president wanted to mark this date with a clear message to the Russian people: the men fighting in Ukraine deserve all support.

Surrounded by family members of soldiers who died in combat, Vladimir Putin asked the entire population to support forces defending Russia's interests “with weapons in their hands,” using the opportunity to leave a message to the government, which realizes it must increase support. For those who fight.

“Many of our men, our brave, heroic men, Russian warriors, even now, on this holiday, are defending the interests of our country with the weapons in their hands,” he said from his church in Novo Ogaryovo.

Pictures broadcast on state television and published by the Russian press show the president communicating with the families of those who died in Ukraine. All this in the Divine Liturgy, the moment of transition from January 6 to 7, which is considered one of the most important dates in the Orthodox Church.

But not only was there no ceasefire, Ukraine claims that a Russian attack killed 11 people and injured 10 others on the outskirts of the city of Pokrovsk. On the other hand, Russian forces accuse Kiev of bombing parts of Donetsk.

“I want our meeting to be a clear and tangible signal to all my comrades in the Russian Federation, at all levels – a clear signal to ensure that my comrades are always by your side, I repeat, at any level of power,” he added. In words addressed to families, which make it clear that more cannot be done for these people.

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Moreover, if the message was not clear enough, the Russian President once again emphasized the need to respect Russian values ​​and traditions, and specifically asked the government to provide greater and better support to those who are grieving.

In parallel, and also in a sentimental message, Vladimir Putin asked all Russians to uphold the “unshakable” values ​​of “goodness, mercy and justice,” and also asked the Russian Orthodox Church to help strengthen family and national ties. .

The approach towards the Orthodox Church has been sharper in recent months. Based on his vision of a “Russian world,” Vladimir Putin trusts the establishment’s ability to preserve traditional values, specifically by approving laws that restrict the LGBT+ community.

In parallel with Russian celebrations, and unlike the rest of Ukraine, Russian-controlled parts of Ukrainian territory also celebrated Christmas on this date. Recall that as part of the “renunciation of Russian heritage”, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced that the most important date of Christmas should now be celebrated on December 25.