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"what it should be"

“what it should be”


The influencer considered the situation on Instagram an episode of “courage”.

Jade posted a video of when she accepted to go to BBB
© Reproduction / InstagramJade posted a video of when she accepted to go to BBB

This Wednesday (30), Jade Bacon Reveal the moment when he decided to accept the invitation to participate in BBB 22. The influencer ended up being the seventh to be left out of global reality, and made her mark on this year’s edition, especially when she starred in a rivalry with Arthur Aguiar’s Indoors.

Jade opened a question box in Instagram Stories to view the photos and videos on her phone. The interaction was based on the follower sending a word and she was responding with a video or photo of what that meant to her. In between the trips, the funny scenes of his participation in BBB 22, the time when he agreed to be a part of the program was revealed.

Commenting on the recording, he wrote, “When I was deciding whether to go to the BBB or not. I put on a T-shirt and went!” In the video, the young woman appears nervous and says: “And let’s go. Whatever should be, I don’t even know what I want… Let’s go”. The moment came after a follower suggested the word “courage” and linked it to this situation.

Jade left the most watched house in Brazil three weeks ago after receiving 84.93% of the audience’s votes. At the time, she was on the wall with her disgruntled reality show, Arthur & Giseilan. The influencer was one of the leaders of the fourth sucker, the room in which back-to-back defeats were piled up on the wall for six weeks. Until then, only Eliezer and Slovenia remained in the program among all the members of the IV.

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