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Harry made 'flaky' excuse for missing a royal event, expert says - Metro World News Brasil

Harry made ‘flaky’ excuse for missing a royal event, expert says – Metro World News Brasil

Prince Harry’s absence from religious ceremonies in honor of Prince Philip, his grandfather and Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, continues to have repercussions in the United Kingdom. That’s because Harry and Meghan were the only ones absent from the Queen’s intimate and familial session and also because the event had a massive presence from British officials and royals from other European countries.

According to royal photographer Arthur Edwards, in an interview with The Sun, Harry and Meghan would have given a “flaky” excuse not to travel to the UK. “Prince Harry’s excuse for avoiding honoring his grandfather due to ‘security concerns’ is, frankly, lame. Harry never bothered to take a few days off from Netflix or feed his chickens in the States, in honor of his grandfather who had always been supportive of him,” Edwards said.

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For Edwards, Prince Harry made a huge mistake and may have put his family reunion plan in the trash. “Whether he was walking the 12-year-old prince behind his mother’s coffin, or providing support while Harry was on active duty in Afghanistan, Philip was always there for him. Unfortunately, he chose to stay away from his big house. As far as I am concerned, after no show yesterday. Harry burned all his chips.


Senior members of the royal family accompanied the Queen during the day, but Harry and Meghan were not present. In early February, Prince Harry and his lawyers filed a lawsuit in a UK court against the British Home Office.

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The Duke of Sussex is asking the ministry to cover the expenses and provide police protection for him, Meghan Markle and their children when they travel to the UK. Harry’s lawyer, Martyr Fatima, said he and Meghan would like to take their children to the UK occasionally, but said it was a very dangerous journey.

Harry argues that the US special security team has no outside jurisdiction or access to British intelligence, making a family trip back home too risky.

The couple lost public protection in the UK and paid private money for their security in the US. This means that if they return to the UK, they will not be entitled to the state-funded protection and the deep level of security information that comes with it.