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What are the missing pieces of the puzzle?

What are the missing pieces of the puzzle?

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Puzzle has become an entertaining game that stimulates strategic thinking and cognitive skills. In ancient times, humans started looking for activities to pass the time.

Some archaeological records indicate that it was created by civilizations such as the Egyptians and Sumerians, around 3000 B.C. The Tangram is known to be one of the oldest puzzles ever described. It originated during the Song Dynasty in China in the middle of the seventh century. It was made of seven pieces divided as follows: five triangles, a square and a parallelogram.

When rearranged, they formed different personalities, stimulating creativity. The modern model began to gain popularity in Europe around the 18th century. It was made of wood with hand-carved figures representing everyday life, landscapes, and other artwork.

What are the missing pieces?

Check out the answer.

In the 19th century, jigsaw puzzles became very popular, which were mass-produced thanks to the popularization of lithography. We have created a short quiz to test your awareness. Try to find the missing parts in the shortest possible time. If you get it, share it with your friends.

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