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Only attentive people can find the word “GALO” in this word search

Only attentive people can find the word “GALO” in this word search

Find the word

Photos – Editing / Online Series / Reproduction / Canva

Roosters are usually found on farms and ranches. The domestic rooster, Gallus gallus dominicus, originates from the jungles of Southeast Asia. It is estimated that its domestication took place about 8 years ago, and it has been described as one of the first animals created by man.

The Greeks and Egyptians actually created the bird, which is a symbol of fertility and vitality. They were associated with the sun god Ra, and were of great importance to the ancient peoples. In Greece, roosters were known for their bravery and were depicted in mythology and art.

These animals can be found with distinctive features, with colorful and vibrant plumage. They are famous for their morning song, fighting on the ground to protect the hens and chicks.

Rooster song warns of potential dangers, attracts partners, and marks territory. Their sound may vary from region to region and ethnicity. In the catch words Above, there is the word “GALO” strategically hidden among the other words.

Search for the word “ROOSTER”:

Image – Montage / Online Series / Reproduction / Canva

did not find? See where she is.

Try to find them in the shortest possible time and show that you have good visual perception and attention. If you pass, share the test with your friends.

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