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Were they deniers, too?  Discover the 7 Biggest Mistakes in Science (Watch the Video)

Were they deniers, too? Discover the 7 Biggest Mistakes in Science (Watch the Video)

Doctors who didn’t wash their hands?

Tobacco for the treatment of diseases in children?

Miscalculations of the world’s greatest scientist?

The buzzword these days is: science! People want to be in the current scientific style, and thus indicate some kind of intellectual virtue, usually well accepted, or at least not labeled as denial.

In fact, the term Negationist has become a major key to forcing someone to easily accept a scientific theory.

But, did you know that many famous and even award-winning scientists in the past actually made a huge mistake with their imaginative theories?

Watch the video and find out!

  • A publication recounting the “Secret History of Red Globo” comes to light and reveals shocking discoveries

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