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We tested Amazon’s headphones with Alexa

We tested Amazon’s headphones with Alexa

It is able to avoid harsh treble, and enhance sub-bass. For my taste, which leans toward listening more to rock music, the sound lacked a bit of depth — however, the bass is stronger than that of the AirPods Pro.

Since the app offers a basic equalizer—an interesting feature that headphones typically don’t have—I increased the bass by about 30% and lowered the treble by about 20%. I keep the volume at around 60%. Then, yes, I was charmed by the Echo Buds.


According to the manufacturer, the headphones’ battery itself guarantees five hours of music playback, with the ANC feature turned on, or up to six and a half hours with the technology deactivated. In our tests, autonomy was about as promised.

The case can provide up to two additional full charges for the headphones, tripling the usage time without needing to recharge, for a total of about 15 hours.

Location and privacy

Echo Buds are equipped with location services. If you lose them, just say “Alexa, find your headphones” to the app on your smartphone or other Alexa-enabled device, like an Echo box. It will tell you their last location, and if they are nearby and out of status, they will emit a high-pitched beep so they can be found.

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