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“We still have the second half,” says Peronist Sergio Massa.

“We still have the second half,” says Peronist Sergio Massa.

Massa identified the opponent to be defeated as Milli, who had emerged as a strong contender in the electoral race.

Sergio Massa

247 – Sergio Massa, the current Peronist presidential candidate for the Union for the Fatherland coalition, presented his approach to the October elections following the results of the mandatory and synchronized primaries (PASO), ranking second in terms of votes collected, after the Libertarian. Candidate Javier Milley. In his speech at midnight on August 14, Massa renewed his call for building a political “new majority”, re-division and the search for allies between the sectors of the popular sphere and the radicals, According to journalist Melissa Molinafrom Bagina 12. In his analysis of the political scenario, Massa identified the opponent to be defeated as Mellie, who emerged as a strong contender in the electoral dispute, and said “we still have the second half”.

Although the preliminary figures were not those expected by the officials, Massa was optimistic about the chances for the second round. In his football analogy, he compared the current situation to the end of the first half and called on his team to prepare for the second half, extra time and penalty kicks. He stressed the importance of preserving economic stability, production and defending rights as basic values ​​in the next Argentina.

Faced with the splitting of the electoral scenario into two-thirds, Massa stressed the need to discuss the country’s course on core issues, such as opening up imports, public university education, pension system, workers’ rights and other key policies that will set the direction. country in the coming years.

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Building a new majority Massa’s strategy in this context is to get a good result in the October elections to secure a place in the second round with Melli. To do this, he will seek to attract sectors that have not yet decided on their vote, such as the electors of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Juan Chiaretti. Massa’s aides in their hideout highlighted that the candidate has the support of such figures as Agustín Rossi and Juan Grabois, which allows them to keep a large part of the votes they received in the PASO.

The surprise of the evening was the powerful performance of Javier Meili and his party “La Libertad Avanza”. Nervous and surprised to see the results, the official alliance began the night, as Millie advanced in several provinces. Although Massa did manage to win in some key areas, such as Buenos Aires Province, provisional numbers showed Miley’s impressive rise in results at the national level.

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Unity speech and future challenges – On the platform of the Union for the Fatherland coalition, Sergio Massa highlighted the importance of unity to face the challenges that lie ahead. Massa was accompanied in his speech by personalities such as Axel Kiselov, Agustín Rossi, Juan Graboa and Leandro Santoro, stressing the need to preserve democracy and dialogue against the division and hateful rhetoric that characterized the opposition.

In his last words, Massa stressed that the elections are not a confrontation between Peronism and anti-Peronism, but rather between the defense of rights and the vision of the right. He appealed to the population to continue to demand more and to work together to build a better future for all Argentines.

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In short, Sergio Massa faces the challenge of forming a broad coalition and consolidating a “new majority” that will allow him to face his opponent in the October elections. With an eye on the future, it seeks to highlight Argentina’s core values ​​and promote dialogue and unity in a divided political context. The electoral dispute continues and the next few weeks will be crucial to determine the country’s future.