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Two pandemics?  By Mia Couto and José Eduardo Agualosa

Two pandemics? By Mia Couto and José Eduardo Agualosa

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On the day Europe banned flights to and from Maputo, Mozambique recorded 5 new cases, no hospitalizations, and zero deaths from coronavirus 19. By contrast, most European countries were facing a massive wave of new infections.

South African scientists were able to discover and sequence a new type of SARS Cov 2. At the same time, they transparently disclosed their findings. Instead of applauding, the country was punished. Besides South Africa, neighboring countries were also punished. Instead of offering to work with Africans, European governments have turned their backs on their own affairs.

Borders are not closed, people are closed. Economies, societies and paths to progress are closed. The punishment we are now subjected to will only exacerbate the appalling poverty to which the citizens of these countries are subjected due to the isolation imposed by the pandemic.

Once again, science has become hostage to politics. Once again, fear clouded the mind. Once again, selfishness prevailed. The lack of solidarity was already present (and naturally accepted) in the appalling inequality in the distribution of vaccines. While Europe debates the fourth and fifth dose, the vast majority of Africans have not benefited from a single dose. African countries, such as Botswana, which paid for the vaccines, amazedly found that these were diverted to the wealthier nations.

The European continent, which proclaims itself the cradle of science, has forgotten the most basic principles of science. With no evidence of the geographical origin of this variant and no evidence of its true danger, European governments imposed immediate restrictions on the movement of people. Governments have done the easiest and least effective: they erect walls to create the illusion of false protection. New variables were to be expected within and outside the walls erected by Europe. But there is no inside or outside. Viruses evolve without geographical distinction. There can be two senses of justice. But there are no epidemics.

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African countries were once again discriminated against. It is easy to imagine the economic and social implications of these latest measures. But South Africa is very far away. It is no longer just a question of lack of solidarity. It is about working against science and against humanity.

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