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"We need a collaboration between politics and science"

“We need a collaboration between politics and science”

“It is clear that this historical period requires that politics and the world of science and technology renew cooperation and cooperation even at the planning stage of the country.” Thus, Elena Bonetti, Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family, said in her speech at the A2A event “The Right Turning Points – The Provincial Perspective for the Future of Italy’s Environmental Transformation”.

Speaking of inclusion and training, Bonetti mentions the first National Gender Strategy which, she explained, “does not seem to focus on the themes of this meeting but posits change and sustainability, the new vision, as one of the strategic challenges. And the new implementation of transformations, including environmental processes, as well in energy and technology.”

Because “these challenges that we resolve to reboot are written from the start keeping in mind the issue of women’s competence in the context of full participation or they will be processes that will increase the risk of women being excluded from the world of work and shape a world that will not be fully sustainable.”

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