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watchOS 10.1.1 fixes battery drain;  iOS 17.1.1 resolves NFC bug;  Other systems are also getting updates

watchOS 10.1.1 fixes battery drain; iOS 17.1.1 resolves NFC bug; Other systems are also getting updates

To our surprise, Apple released today iOS 17.1.1 (Compilation 21B91), p iPad OS 17.1.1 (explanation of the Mac Sonoma 14.1.1 (23B81 that it 23B2082), p WatchOS 10.1.1 (21S71), p HomePod 17.1.1 (21K82) and more!

Let’s see what changes with the arrival of these new versions!

Battery problem in Apple Watch

Starting with the most important update at the time, the arrival of watchOS 10.1.1 as promised fixes the battery drain issue on Apple Watches. It is very likely that this update will also solve the issue of overheating during recharging which was also affecting some watches, and for this reason, it was difficult to even top up their battery.

This update provides important bug fixes and addresses an issue that may cause the battery to drain more quickly for some people.

iPhone NFC failed

Speaking of the systems that provide iPhone and iPad devices, the updates arrive to correct a serious problem that may affect the NFC chip.1 From iPhone 15.

As mentioned earlier, there was an issue with some new models associated with the use of the company’s wireless car charger. BMW, which was “breaking” the devices’ NFC chip. When you recharge your iPhone using the wireless base of these devices, the device can access the network Recovery mode From iOS. After that, it was no longer possible to do anything with the NFC chip, which included enrolling new cards in Apple Pay and even using the Car Key feature (Car keys).

With the launch of these new versions of the systems, Apple promises to correct this.

This update provides bug fixes for iPhone, including:

  • In rare cases, Apple Pay and other NFC features may not be available on iPhone 15 models after using wireless charging in some vehicles.
  • The weather widget on the lock screen may not display snow properly.

In addition to this NFC-related bug, Apple has also fixed another bug that apparently didn’t affect anyone living in Brazil. ❄️🤪

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Here are the links for those who prefer to install updates manually:

Now on Macs…

macOS 14.1.1 in turn fixes issues and provides security fixes, which are obviously important for all users.

In addition, Apple also released macOS Ventura 13.6.2 (build 22G320 that it 22G2321) For those who have not updated to the latest system. This will very likely solve the problem we discussed today, which is that some newer Macs with M3 family chips, They couldn’t upgrade from macOS 13 to 14.

…and on HomePods

HomePod 17.1.1, also released today, fixes an issue that could cause speakers (any model or generations) to respond very slowly or not even complete user requests.

Other updates

To complete the long list, Apple has also made new firmware available for the headphones Beats Fit Pro that it Powerbeats Pro -Both are now under assembly 6B27.

As always, happy updates! 😉