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GTA 6 trailer trailer is the most liked tweet in gaming

GTA 6 trailer trailer is the most liked tweet in gaming

Earlier on Wednesday (08). Rock Games It announced that it will release the first trailer for GTA 6 in early December. Well, the studio’s Twitter statement is the most liked game post in the history of the social network.

The post received more than a million likes within 5 hours of being published, not counting more than 79.6 million views. The last record holder (also with a million likes) was Rockstar itself, when it announced that it had been subjected to an attack that led to the leak of GTA 6. Before that, another tweet by the developer received the highest number of likes, when the new franchise game was revealed.

[…] We are very excited to announce that in early December, we will be releasing the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto game. We look forward to sharing these experiences with all of you.

What do we know about GTA 6?

There are still not many details known about GTA 6 – apart from the fact that some content was leaked last year. But it is known that the adventure will take place in a fictional version of the city of Miami and will have two heroes, a man and a woman.

The release date and platforms have also not been announced.

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