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Watch the Superliga Femenina quarter-final matches |  volleyball

Watch the Superliga Femenina quarter-final matches | volleyball

The final round of the Women’s Super League, which took place on Friday night, determined the quarter-final ties. The team with the best campaign in the first stage, faces Praia Clube Barueri in eighth place. As for the other confrontations, they are: Osasco (Second) x Pineros (Seventh); Minas (third) x Cisse Bauru (sixth) and classic carioca Cesc Flamengo (fourth) x Fluminense (fifth).

Sesc-Flamengo x Fluminense, for the Superliga return 22/23 – Photo: Paula Reis/Flamengo

The decision to determine the places in the semi-finals will be the best of three matches, whoever wins twice will continue in the tournament. Praia Clube, Osasco, Minas and Sesc-Flamengo all have the advantage of playing the third match in their fields, if necessary. The Brazilian Volleyball Federation has not yet announced the dates for the matches.

See how the quarter-finals and standings were determined until the decision of the tournament, which will be played in one match.


  • beach club (1) x barware (eighth)
  • Osasco (2nd) x Pine Trees (VII)
  • Mines (III) x Sesi-Bauru (6)
  • Cesc Flamengo (fourth) x Fluminense (5th)

In bold, the team that will play the third game at home


  • Praia Clube winner (1st) x Barueri (8th) x Sesc-Flamengo winner (4th) x Fluminense (5th)
  • Winner Osasco (2nd) x Pinheiros (7th) x Winner Minas (3rd) x Sesi-Bauru (6th)
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