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Watch Bloodborne run at 60fps on PlayStation 5

Watch Bloodborne run at 60fps on PlayStation 5

modder Lance McDonald He didn’t explain how, but he did manage to get Bloodborne, one of FromSoftware’s PS4-exclusive masterpieces, to run at 60fps on PS5. In a video, show the community the result of this work.

Naturally, fans craving a possible future patch for such quality ended up hooking up with the content. While maintaining the original resolution of the old generation console, the gameplay with the hunter was more fluid. Watch the video below:

In the description of the video, the creator left the following message:

This video shows six minutes of Bloodborne running on PS5 at 60fps without downscaling in its original 1080p resolution. No upgrade or fulfillment has been applied to the content. Only pure gameplay is shown.

In addition to this update to release 60fps in Bloodborne, the community is also looking forward to a port of the title for PS5 and PC. Neither of these appear to be real and not even the studio is hinting at such a possibility in the near future.

Modder “turns” P-lies into Bloodborne

And modders can’t stop messing with Bloodborne. Lies of P, a spirits-like game set in the world of Pinocchio, has also been changed to look like a FromSoftware game. See more details here!

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