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Viih Tube Says Vuoc Is "Very Furious"

Viih Tube Says Vuoc Is “Very Furious”

While Caio, Fuc, Joao Luiz, and FeiTube were waiting for an X-ray this morning, the production rang the signal for Fabio Jr.’s son to change the microphone. Caio decided to make a mockery, and before Feuk looked at the screen, he said, “Feuk minus 50 [estalecas]Change the microphone. “

Did he win me 50 less? ”The singer asks. I fall, smile, and shake my head, saying no.

“Tiao, don’t scare me like that,” Fyuk complains before entering the confessional.

Then VieTube says, “He is very upset.” Joao Louise agrees, adding: “A lot.”

“And I’ll do it,” says Caio. “These are ridiculous things, very little,” says the leader of the week, about Fuk’s grievances.

“That’s why I do it. Then I think he’s already thinking, ‘Kayo has no way, no,’” the farmer points out.

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