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The popular '90s bodybuilder seems unrecognizable for drug abuse

The popular ’90s bodybuilder seems unrecognizable for drug abuse

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Jefferson King, the shadow, famous in the 1990s bodybuilding world, surprised his fans with an unknown appearance. Much thinner, British police released his photo of the former athlete after his arrest.

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According to the Daily Mail, the former tough guy has drastically changed his physical shape due to drug abuse. It was even drug addiction that caused Shadow to be excluded from “The Wrestlers,” the popular show that appeared on British television.

At the time, the bodybuilder was spotted using cocaine, in addition to testing positive for anabolic steroids use.

The current prison, which shows his silhouette with a lot less pounds of slaughter, was due to Shadow’s involvement in a extortion scheme alongside drug dealers.

According to UK authorities, last year King attempted to extort £ 1,000 – about £ 8,000 – from a mother to release his son’s gang – who is held in a private prison – and return him safely.

It is worth noting that Jefferson King was one of the greatest “wrestler” stars between 1992 and 1994. In 1995, he was laid off for drugs.

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