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Videos show flaws in Russian defenses as drones fly overhead – Executive Summary

Videos show flaws in Russian defenses as drones fly overhead – Executive Summary

Several videos posted on social media highlighted the role of unmanned aerial vehicles in bypassing networks set up by the Russian Armed Forces in an attempt to prevent drone attacks from Kiev.

Of particular note is a video from “Escadrone”, a non-profit group that makes attack drones for Ukraine: It was taken in Bakhmut, in the Donetsk region, which has long been a flashpoint in the conflict, and you can watch how the drone avoids nets. Before it collided with a Russian tank. “Sinking a Russian vehicle in Bakhmut. The Russians recently began deploying protection nets on main roads to prevent them from being exposed to drones. As can be seen from the video, this did not help.”

It is noteworthy that the forces of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the help of mercenaries from the Wagner Group, took control of Bakhmut in early 2023: However, Kiev made reclaiming the city one of the primary goals in its counterattack, as it had several goals. Progress has already been made in efforts to cordon off the city.

There are many videos indicating the presence of large camouflage nets hung between lampposts, in locations vulnerable to drone attacks. Samuel Bendet, a consultant at the Center for Naval Analysis (CNA), in the United States, issued a post on the social network “X” in which you can see anti-drone networks, the effectiveness of which is very questionable.

Last Sunday, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense highlighted the capabilities of FPV (first person vision) drones. “Best delivery service ever. Joint Tactical Group Adam’s FPV drones deliver gifts to passengers directly to their shelters,” the caption read.