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Video sent to the GP alters Hamilton's investigation and puts Verstappen at the wheel

Video sent to the GP alters Hamilton’s investigation and puts Verstappen at the wheel

The video captures Verstappen checking the rear wing of Hamilton’s car after qualifying (Image: Reproduction)

@frd182 Video of Twitter changes SÃO PAULO GP from F1

The video he’s watching grand prize Sent via Twitter that won the world has a material impact on the outcome of the investigation into the irregularities seen in the rear wing of the car. Lewis Hamilton.

At 7:33 p.m. (Brazilia, GMT-3), Frederico Monteiro, @frd182, replied to a tweet by reporter Gabriel Corti, who is at Interlagos Covering the Sao Paulo GP Formula 1, with the special photos that were made in the stands on the main straight of the racetrack. The inspection video captured it Max Verstappen I did it in Hamilton right after that Friday rating (12)..

Although far away, it is possible to see that Verstappen got out of his car and went behind it and touched the rear wing of the car. Red Bull No. 33. He then moved into Hamilton’s No. 44 and made a similar move.

Verstappen’s action is likely to lead to suspicion Red Bull Coming after free training at Interlagos. The opposing team was mercedes Which, according to Auto Motor und Sport magazine, suspected that something was wrong with Hamilton’s running speed and that it was linked to the DRS, the famous portable wing, and reported it to the FIA.

The FIA ​​went and oversaw, among a number of cars, Hamilton. The entity assessed that the seven-time champion’s car was in fact in violation of the rules set for the movable wing and sent the question to the commissioners.

Joe Bauer, technical delegate responsible for overseeing inspections of all cars after weekend activities, explained in the document that Hamilton’s car was above the maximum wing opening, which increases the car’s power when using the DRS.

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The position of the adjustable elements in the upper rear spoiler on car No. 44 was checked to see if it complies with Article 3.6.3 of the Technical Rules for Formula 1 2021. Minimum distance requirement [entre as partes da asa] They are met, but the requirements are a maximum of 85 mm [de separação] When the movable wing system was used and tested in accordance with TD / 011-19, this was not achieved. “I am referring the matter to the commissioners for consideration,” the statement said.

Then the case was referred to the commissioners, which must confirm the violation or not. Since this is a technical problem, it was easy to solve – as happened, for example, with Sebastian Vettel and the least amount of fuel in the tank in a company car. Aston Martin After finishing second in the Hungarian Grand Prix, which led to his disqualification. Just measure, and that’s it.

But the hours passed, and when it was close to ten in the evening, The FIA ​​announced that the decision will not be made until Saturday morning..

Will Lewis Hamilton start first on Saturday? (Photo: Mercedes)

Exactly 30 minutes after this announcement, the FIA ​​released a new document calling for Verstappen to the hosts lounge on Saturday morning Claiming non-compliance with Article 2.5.1 of the Sports Act of the entity. The article relates to Parc Fermé rules and says that “only authorized personnel may enter” into that area – this already includes the area where the top three in session park their cars – and that “no operation, inspection, modification or repair is permitted unless authorized by It’s the same staff.”

Hence, Verstappen will have to justify why he touched his car and Hamilton’s as seen in the Federico Montero video. That is why the FIA ​​will need either more pictures or sufficient justification to apply the ruling in the Lewis case. Or, in the end, punish Verstappen, too.

Send Frederico Montero’s video to Gabriel Corretti and grand prize turned on friday F1 At Interlagos, it affects Saturday mornings and tends to affect the rest of the São Paulo GP team. Things that happen to Hamilton and Verstappen on sprint weekends. Things that only happen in Brazil. Things that could simply change the course of the amazing 2021 season title.

NS grand prize São Paulo GP follows “in loco” in Interlagos With journalists Fernando Silva and Gabriel Corretti, as well as the entire team remotely. NS GP Also follows all weekend track activities He lives NS in a At present. On Saturday, TL2 is scheduled for 12:00 (GMT), while the sprint race starts at 16:30.

Access the releases at Spanish NS Portuguese- PT Act grand prize, in addition to partners our lecture NS guided.

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