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Laila criticizes Palmeiras' competitors: “How can you not pay on time and sign players?”

Laila criticizes Palmeiras' competitors: “How can you not pay on time and sign players?”

president Palm trees, Leila Pereira He gave another interview with strong statements. To the podcast Palmeiras teamThe Alverde representative spoke about the club's recruitment policy and was categorical in saying that she values ​​balance.

Laila stated that the club “doesn't have anything in cash” and that even if it had cash capital, it would maintain the same position. He also noted that one of Palestrina's board policies is to value players already in the team – especially those who come from the grassroots. For her, these are the real “big signings.”

“Palmeras is not swimming in money. We are balanced. But even if we had a lot of money, I would not buy a player. I would rather value our professionals, the athletes who are here. These are great signings.” And keep the athletes in good shape. We hope they are satisfied,” he began by saying.

The Palmeiras president also expanded the discussion and spoke about the current scenario of Brazilian football. When he talked about the management model of other Brazilian clubs – although he did not mention names – he used the opportunity to attack his rivals.

It is worth noting that, specifically in football in São Paulo, Corinth that it Sao Paulo These are some of the clubs currently facing the problem of delayed salaries.

He added: “Here, since the club does not have an owner, the manager does what he wants and does not have any responsibility. The Brazilian Confederation must look at this matter with great concern and start thinking about the responsibility that clubs must bear when burying the club in debt.” “How can a club that does not pay its liabilities on time sign players? It should be banned. If it cannot pay player photos and CLT, it cannot sign new athletes. Is there anything simpler than that? This?”, That's it.

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