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Verstappen explains retirement at Australian Grand Prix

Verstappen explains retirement at Australian Grand Prix

The world champion was ready to equal his record of consecutive victories Formula 1 In the 2024 Australian Grand Prix. After staying in the lead and delivering the final blow to qualify for pole position again, Max Verstappen He was hoping to distance himself from the rest of the pack to win at Albert Park.

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However, the Dutchman was overtaken Carlos Sainz On the second lap, the Spaniard took advantage of the three-time champion's problem, prompting him to leave the race shortly afterwards. Red Bull sent their driver to the pitlane after smoke started billowing from his right rear wheel, allowing all of their rivals to gain a place and making it someone new to win for the first time this season.

Upon exiting the car, the Dutchman was asked what happened after he was reminded that his last outing was in the same location in 2022. He explained: “We can see from the data that as soon as the lights come on… [do semáforo] I went out, the right rear brake became stuck. Of course, the temperature was still rising.”

Max Verstappen continued about what happened: “So I was driving the car using the handbrake, and that is why I felt difficult to drive the car in some turns.”

When asked if this happened the moment the lights went out, he said yes, but his team still doesn't know what actually happened: “Yes, as soon as the lights went out, when accelerating, you can see the brakes, the right rear brake is stuck, it's too early.” [para saber o que aconteceu]”They will investigate.”

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The Dutchman was asked if his retirement was a disappointment after his long winning streak, but he suggested it wasn't much: “To be honest, not much. Of course I'm disappointed that I couldn't finish the season.” “I think we had a good chance of winning, as I was feeling very well balanced in the grid formation sessions.”

The three-time world champion said: “I felt confident and pretty good compared to how I felt on the long run we did in free practice, but there are things you can’t control.”

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