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In exaggeration, “Dorivalizados” has already surpassed “Dinizistas” after their debut

In exaggeration, “Dorivalizados” has already surpassed “Dinizistas” after their debut

The coach called up many athletes from Brazilian football, but when choosing the team, he invested in the group that played abroad. It wasn't so stupid now. But the excitement in praise is impressive. Partly a reflection of the bad time Diniz had with the national team. The Fluminense coach's performance has been so poor that any improvement seems remarkable. has not been.

But the premiere of “Dinizismo” also received exaggerated praise. However, nothing compared to Dorivalizados' reaction. The result makes healthy debate impossible in these times. It is best to let this emotional group do the talking alone.

Later we will have a clearer scenario, whether praise or criticism. But for now, it's best to keep our grip on reality. It was a good match for Brazil, but it was just the start (re) of the match. England have also had their problems (13 absences, including Walker who was injured early in the match) and remain the biggest underdog team in world football. However, it was a more valuable test than the matches against Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Paraguay.

Tuesday has Spain, in Madrid. The Spaniards lost to Colombia, which strangely used as many players playing in Brazil as the Brazilian team: John Arias, from Fluminense, was in the starting lineup, James Rodriguez, from São Paulo, Richard Reus, from Palmeiras, and Borre, from Internacional, came in. Second half.

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