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Vanessa Lopez appears for the first time after leaving “BBB24”;  Watch the video

Vanessa Lopez appears for the first time after leaving “BBB24”; Watch the video

Vanessa Lopez was spotted for the first time after leaving 'BBB24'. In a video clip published by the “Alfinetei Teen” account, on Monday (29), the influencer was in a restaurant in São Paulo when her followers spotted her.

According to the page, Vanessa was having lunch with friends and family at an establishment in Ilhabela. Tik Tok appeared in the recording, smiling as she spoke to the waiter serving her table. He watches:

Since leaving Big Brother Brazil, Vanessa's family has reported that the dancer has been receiving support from her family, in addition to medical treatment. The influencer's father, Alison Ramalho, spoke out about the matter last week.

Just one day after Alison's statement, the young woman's personal profile published a medical bulletin stating that the TikToker was undergoing psychological treatment at home. According to the document, Vanessa is recovering well and will remain away from work.

“The patient Vanessa Lopez Ramalho is under my medical care, and is undergoing psychotherapy, at her parents’ home, with them 24 hours a day. He is undergoing daily psychiatric evaluation, with good progress so far, which requires him to stay away from work activities, and based on the current situation, he has “Good prognosis. Additional tests were ordered for a full clinical evaluation.” The bulletin says.

Such situations also require general support, privacy, and empathy for the patient and her family. The medical report will be delivered to the parents and the patient as the condition develops.The text concludes with the signature of Dr. Antonio Geraldo da Silva.

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pulling out

The tiktoker hit the exit button on Friday, January 19. Since the beginning of “Treta do Espelho”, on the 13th of this month, she has already been suffering from emotional instability. Lopez broke up with MC Bin Laden, her main ally in the game, and created several theories that the show's production was doing everything to provoke her – including convincing themselves that she would be limited to casting.

Vanessa Lopez also did not appear in any of the activities that participants usually attend, such as coffee with Ana María Braga, the “Bate-Papo BBB” and Multishow programs.