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Users will be blown away when this new WhatsApp feature is launched

Users will be blown away when this new WhatsApp feature is launched

the The WhatsApp It seems that he has again caught up with options backup file inside the platform. A screenshot published by the specialized website WABetaInfo shows that the messenger is preparing to make positive progress in this regard. The revelation is recent and has already been talked about on social networks, incl.

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The news was revealed in WhatsApp beta version, where you can see the Export Backup button. The post is still accompanied by the following text: “All chats and media (such as photos, videos, and files) will be included.” However, there is no coding that performs this procedure within the app in its beta version.

The new WhatsApp tool should expand the possibilities of use

According to the information revealed, the new tool will be a way to expand backup capabilities. On Android devices, for example, the user can only export data to Google Drive. However, the new button will be able to Copy the information to any other place.

people who use The WhatsApp It will be able to save their messaging data on different hosts. This will increase security and the freedom to use the app in many different situations.

The new backup can also improve integration with more systems

Another feature of the information revealed this week is the ability to migrate data between different operating systems. Transfer content between android And iOS is a big problem right now. However, with the new tool, this task will be much simpler.

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It is enough to copy the backup and then transfer it to the new mobile phone with a different operating system. If it does, it will definitely be one of the updates that many netizens are looking forward to.

It is worth noting that WhatsApp has not yet issued any official statement on this matter. In addition, the novelty remains only in the beta version, intended exclusively for in-platform testing. For now, the information will only be passed on by developers working under that version of the app.