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US vetoes entry of former Guatemalan president into country, Giammattei 'corruption' probe |  the world

US vetoes entry of former Guatemalan president into country, Giammattei 'corruption' probe | the world

Alejandro Giammattei — Photo: Reuters/Luis Echeverria

The United States vetoed former Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammatte's entry into the country for “corruption” two days after his successor, Bernardo Arevalo, took office.

Arévalo and his party, Semilla (Semente), were the target of a legal case led by the Attorney General, Consuelo Porras, when he advanced to the second round in June of last year.

Giamatte was in Washington last week, where he spoke at the Organization of American States (OAS). But he can no longer return to the country.

The Joe Biden administration is not considering it “Eligible to enter the United States because he participated in substantial corruption”State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said today Wednesday (17).

in America”“Reliable information indicating that Giamatte received bribes in exchange for performing his public duties.”, Miller said. Washington “has made it clear that it supports Guatemalans who want corrupt actors to be held accountable,” he added.

In September 2021, the anti-corruption prosecutor's office led by Francisco Sandoval revealed that it was investigating allegations that then-President Giamattei paid bribes to businessmen to operate a port in the Caribbean.

During the trial, Consuelo Boras fired Sandoval, who was in exile in the United States. Like him, dozens of lawyers, judges and journalists were forced to flee Guatemala.

“Corruption weakens the rule of law and democratic institutions, allows impunity, fuels irregular immigration, hinders economic prosperity, and limits the ability of governments to respond effectively to the needs of their people,” the State Department said.

  • ❌ In the past three years, Joe Biden's government has “imposed entry bans or embargoes on nearly 400 people in Guatemala, including employees and representatives of the private sector accused of participating in corrupt practices and undermining democracy and the rule of law.”

Giamatte has maintained a tense relationship with Washington, especially recently, when the Biden administration backed a new progressive president.