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US launches public task force to address AI risks

US launches public task force to address AI risks

The US Department of Commerce announced on Thursday (22) the launch of a public task force dedicated to the study of generative artificial intelligence (AI). The aim is for volunteer members to join the unit to help the country address the benefits of the new technology and get better guidance on how to deal with its risks.

  • According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is part of the Department of Commerce, the division seeks volunteer experts in the public and private sectors to form the team;
  • The goal will be to explore how AI can be used to solve pressing global problems, not just to tackle risks, but in the long term;
  • Issues related to health, climate change and the environment are included in the scope of work.

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The newly published NIST AI Risk Management Framework will help reduce the potential for harm from emerging AI technologies. By creating a framework, this new public task force will help provide essential guidance to organizations responsible for developing, deploying and using AI and ensuring its reliability. This new group is particularly concerned with the unprecedented speed, scale and potential impact of AI to create and the potential to revolutionize many industries and society even more broadly.

Larry Locasio, director of NIST.

The news comes shortly after US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called on Congress to come together to craft comprehensive legislation aimed at the technology. The U.S., like most countries, has struggled to create legislation that would limit AI’s progress without stifling it. However, the US political group has yet to reach a consensus on the new rules.

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President Joe Biden has already recently hinted that he wants to hear more experts before continuing to move forward with AI legislation. During a meeting with a group of civil society leaders and lawyers, the president indicated that the government will ensure that “AI systems are secure before they are released”.

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