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Wildfires continue to affect air quality in the United States

Wildfires continue to affect air quality in the United States

Smoke from wildfires in Canada has prompted health warnings for 20 US states

Detroit, Chicago and Washington are among the cities in 20 US states that have received air quality warnings this Wednesday (June 28, 2023). According to IQAir, unsanitary conditions continue to spread in the United States due to smoke from wildfires in Canada. Information from The Washington Post.

According to published data IQAir, a Swiss air quality and cleanliness monitoring agency, recorded an exceptionally rare Code Brown in Decatur, Illinois this 4th (28.June) at noon (local time). It is the worst condition on the scale and is considered hazardous to human health. Other locations in southeast Michigan also reached the milestone briefly during the day.

Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Iowa are some of the cities that entered the Purple Code this Wednesday (June 28), deemed extremely unhealthy and at high risk to public health. IQAir.

Air quality alerts related to wildfire smoke were in effect in parts of 20 states, reaching nearly ⅓ of the US population. In New York, the warning goes into effect this Wednesday (June 28) at midnight.

External events and activities are redefined. “Unhealthy air will continue today due to wildfires in Canada. Limit outdoor activities and exercise, especially for those who are sensitive to smoking.The National Weather Service in Indianapolis tweeted.