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US Condemns Far-Right Group Members Who Occupied Capitol in 2021 | National newspaper

US condemns members of far-right group who occupied Capitol in 2021 – Photo: JN

This type of punishment is rare. After 1995, 2022, January 6, 2021, this was against people involved in the attack.

This Thursday (4), the former leader of the far-right group and three members were charged with sedition. When a group plans to overthrow the government or use force to prevent or prevent the enforcement of the law.

That trial was the longest of all capital invasion cases — lasting nearly four months. Prosecutors argued that the group saw itself as an army Donald TrumpHe was ready to fight to prevent the 2020 US presidential election results from being respected.

The defense denied that there was any plot to attack the Capitol or prevent Joe Biden from confirming his victory. Prosecutors blamed Donald Trump, saying the former president incited the crowd by asking people to “fight like the devil.”

All four convicts face up to 20 years in prison. More than a thousand people are still responsible for the attack on the US Congress in which five were killed.

Commenting on Thursday’s decision (4), the Chief Justice said:

“The ruling makes clear that we will never stop working to protect the democracy that all Americans are entitled to.”

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