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The UK evacuated over 2,000 people from Sudan

The UK evacuated over 2,000 people from Sudan

The UK revealed it had already evacuated 2,450 people from Sudan, saying it was “focusing on helping those in need of humanitarian assistance and continuing to press for a long-term ceasefire”.

“The UK coordinated the largest and most comprehensive evacuation operation from Sudan by any Western country and brought 2,450 people from Sudan to safety,” Foreign Minister James Wise was quoted as saying by EFE.

According to the British government, the last flight from Sudan left for Cyprus this morning.

In Sudan’s violent conflict, Sudan’s de facto leader, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and his deputy and rival, General Mohamed Hamdan Daghlo, lead paramilitary forces.

The wars were fueled by the failure of negotiations to integrate paramilitary forces into the armed forces as part of a political transition in Sudan.

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