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US announces exercise in Taiwanese waters after Chinese hypersonic missile launch – 10/17/2021 – World

The United States said last Sunday (17) that it had conducted a military exercise with Canada in the Taiwan Strait, a day after the British newspaper Financial Times revealed that China had tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile that would surprise US intelligence. Week

The announcement has heightened tensions with China, which maintains the status quo of reuniting Taiwan, with Beijing considered a rebel province – but in practice has administrative autonomy.

According to U.S. military personnel, the USS TUV missile destroyer, the U.S. Arle Burke and Canadian warship HMCS Winnipeg passed through the waters separating China from the island of Taiwan between Thursday (14) and Friday (15).

“The move by Dwee and Winnipeg across the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the commitment of the United States and our allies and partners to an independent and open Indo-Pacific,” U.S. military officials said Sunday.

The Chinese government responded to the announcement by saying that military exercises threatened peace and stability in the region. Xi Jinping’s regime has made repeated military incursions into what is known as Addis, Taiwan’s air defense symbol. The horizon extends beyond Taiwan’s airspace but is monitored and patrolled by the island’s government.

In all, 150 Chinese planes entered Audi earlier this month, raising temperatures between Beijing and Taipei. However, the aircraft did not enter Taiwan’s airspace and concentrated only in the southwestern part of the identification zone.

In response to the US announcement on Sunday, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army said the Eastern Command was on high alert while monitoring and passing foreign ships.

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“The United States and Canada have joined forces to disrupt the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait and cause trouble and trouble,” the military said in a statement. “Taiwan is part of the Chinese part of the world. Command forces are always on high alert and resolutely resist all threats and provocations.”

This Sunday, the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense, China re-entered the Audi, this time with three aircraft, two J-16 fighter jets and anti-submarine equipment.

The U.S. Navy has been navigating the waters almost monthly to the annoyance of Beijing, which accuses Washington of fomenting regional tensions. U.S. allies, such as the United Kingdom, sometimes come with U.S. forces.

The announcement of the exercises comes after the launch of a hypersonic missile tested by China in August, which accelerated the Earth towards its target and took US intelligence by surprise. This type of missile flies five times faster than sound and is maneuverable, making it very difficult to monitor.