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Urgently! The log is forced to end activities and leaves the air in a hurry

After the Angolan federal government indicated there were irregularities in journalistic activities, Record will have to stop operating in the country (Image: Disclosure)

The announcer had to schedule an appointment to leave the schedule and confirmed the position in a note

This Monday, the nineteenth, Record De Angola issued an official statement to the public announcing the end of his activities on television. This decision could have come from the country’s federal government, which indicated irregularities in journalistic activities.

We were surprised by a note from the National Directorate of Information and Communications at the Ministry of Communications, Information Technology and Social Communications – MINTTICS. “Under the conditions for which immediate suspension has been determined, without a prior hearing,” the bulletin said.

As a result, it is expected that the local registry will leave the programming network on Day 21. ”Other extracts from the note highlighted.

TV record
In addition to the headquarters, located in São Paulo, Record also has subsidiaries in several countries. Among them in Angola (Photo: Disclosure)

He added, “We have already addressed our communications and affirm our commitment to our employees, and that we are fully committed to them and to the process based on more than a decade of efforts and sacrifices that have been made.”

Apparently, local executives will go to court to try to resume business as normal. If this did not happen, countless employees would have to be fired.

“We reiterate our commitment to our employees, and we are fully committed to them and to the process built on more than a decade of efforts and sacrifices that have been made,” concluded the Record Africa statement.

+ William Boehner, after announcing the departure of Journal Nacional, raised an outrage to the audience: “I hate it”

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