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Brazil drops four places in the ranking of press freedom and remains in the red |  Scientist

Brazil drops four places in the ranking of press freedom and remains in the red | Scientist

Brazil fell four places and came 111 in the Reporters Without Borders world press freedom ranking, which was released on Tuesday (20).

The country entered a red zone in the ranking, that is, for the organization, the situation of the press in the country is difficult.

The entity divides the status of each of them into five colors related to the level of press freedom, which are white (very good), yellow (good), orange (problematic), red (difficult) and black (very dangerous).

The ABERT report concluded that attacks on press freedom more than doubled in the country in 2020

The ranking transcript describes the work environment for journalists as toxic since President Jair Bolsonaro took power in 2019 (that year, the country actually slumped two places in the ranking).

The text reads: “Insults, stigmatization and orchestration of public humiliation by journalists have become a hallmark of the president, his family, and his entourage.”

As for the group, the attacks have intensified with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic – the president is spreading false information and accusing the press of being responsible for “the chaos in the country.”

Rede Globo called Palácio do Planalto to hear a demonstration from the Presidential Office, but so far there has been no response.

The report cites The press union was formed to make the Covid-19 data transparent, Of which St 1 Part: “In the face of the president’s compulsive lies and the government’s lack of transparency regarding health administration, an unprecedented coalition was created that brings together the country’s major media outlets in June 2020, with the aim of obtaining information directly from local authorities in the country’s 26 states and in the Federal District, to prepare And deliver their newsletters. ”

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Norway is the country with the most freedom of the press for the fifth year in a row. The second was Finland.

The United States ranked 44th – in the last year of Donald Trump’s term, there were a record number of attacks (around 400) and arrests of journalists (130), according to the American Press Freedom Tracker.

See highest ranking:

The first places in the press freedom ranking

position Country
1 Norway
2 Finland
3 Sweden
4 Denmark
5 Costa Rica

See where Brazil and the following countries are located

Brazil’s position in the ranking of freedom of the press

position Country
109 Guinea
110 Bolivia
111 Brazil
112 Bulgaria
113 Indonesia

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