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Upgrading the game costs about half the minimum wage

Upgrading the game costs about half the minimum wage

Who wants to guarantee FIFA 2022 No Playstation 4 Nor Xbox OneIn order to play the title also on next generation consoles, you will need to set up the wallet. The she You decide that your sports car will not get a free upgrade for PlayStation 5 e Xbox X/S.

This means that the player who guarantees the default version of FIFA 22 No PS4 or Xbox OneYou will need to purchase the game again if you want to take advantage of the performance improvements for the new consoles from Sony and yes Microsoft.

The generational upgrade at no additional cost will only be available to those who purchase the final version of FIFA 22, which costs in Brazil a trifle 498.90 BRL Inch Playstation Store e R$499 in the digital store of X-Box. The value is close to half the minimum wage, R$1,100, currently paid in Brazil.

Fees are also imposed outside the country and are reflected in the international press (via ( IGN).

EA’s decision to limit intergenerational upgrade goes against the strategy the company adopted with FIFA 2021, which allowed free upgrades across all editions. The news also comes at a bad time, as stocks of new generation devices are out of stock worldwide. This fact may be a budget deterrent for many FIFA fans who have yet to believe in PS5 or Xbox Series.

FIFA 2022 will be released on October 1, 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC via Origin and Steam. FIFA 22 Legacy Edition To be released later for Nintendo Switch.

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The big news game is HyperMotion, which promises to deliver a realistic and responsive experience for next-generation consoles.

The title comes in three versions: the definitive version with a free intergenerational update and two versions that focus on the old and new generations.