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Facebook Messenger Launches 'Sound Emojis' That Remind Us of MSN Winks |  social networks

Facebook Messenger Launches ‘Sound Emojis’ That Remind Us of MSN Winks | social networks

a Facebook social networking site About launching emojis with playing sounds messenger This Thursday (15). In a statement, the company said the “soundemojis” arrived just in time for World emoji day, celebrated on Saturday (17). Faces with new sound effects will be launched in chat. social network Gradually over the next few days.

The new library of Soundmojis will contain emojis that emit claps, crickets, drums, and evil laughter, among other sounds. Short audios from singers, TV shows and movies will also be available in the list. Among the products that will earn icons with sound effects on the platform are Universal Pictures’ Fast and Furious 9, Universal Television’s NBC and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Netflix. Each audio file will be represented by an emoji in Messenger.

Messenger releases soundmojis, emojis that make sounds; Know when it will be available to users – Image: Disclosure / Facebook

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The Soundmoji library will be updated regularly with new icons that emit popular phrases and sounds. The novelty of the Prophet remembers the famous winks do MSN, which are colossal statues that emit loud and expressive sounds in the middle of the talks of the ancient messenger.

Soundmojis make chatting “noisier”; Learn how to send it to friends – Photo: Disclosure / Facebook

According to Facebook, 2.4 billion emojis are sent daily on Messenger. “Emojis add color and liveliness to Messenger conversations around the world, and we rely on them to say what words can’t,” Messenger Group Vice President Loredana Crisan wrote in the company announcement.

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