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Update 6/25 – Valve adds five new maps to Counter-Strike 2 |  Draft5

Update 6/25 – Valve adds five new maps to Counter-Strike 2 | Draft5

Long awaited update to Counter Strike 2 Arrived on Tuesday night (25th). Although not practical, it is valve Five new maps have been made available in the game, as revealed by insiders in recent weeks, which are: Thera Mills Souvenir Assembly that it Pool day.

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Check the update notes:


– Added Thera and Mills in Competitive, Casual and Deathmatch matches;
– Memento and Collection added to the right arm;
– Pool Day has been added to Armed Race.

Fixed points where C4 may malfunction.

Fixed locations where C4 gets stuck, holes in the world, and non-solid materials causing issues.

Fixed points where C4 would crash and intermittent.

Fixes for grenade collision and clipping.

(user interface)

The MVP board has been updated in all game modes;
New animated MVP panels have been added to featured matches;
Several new MVP conditions have been added and the basic MVP rules have been modified.


– In competitive matchmaking, skill sets for each map are now revealed after you win twice on the map – previously 10 wins on each map were required.

(video settings)

Settings recommendations

– Added a settings recommendation popup if your screen refresh rate is set to less than maximum on startup. It is recommended to use the highest refresh rate for your monitor;
– Added a settings recommendation popup if NVIDIA G-Sync support is detected but not enabled on startup. It is generally recommended to use G-Sync if your system supports it;
– Added a settings recommendation pop-up window if NVIDIA G-Sync is enabled, but not V-Sync and/or NVIDIA Reflex. It is recommended that you activate all three settings together when available. Note that applying these settings will limit your frame rate to match the screen’s refresh rate or slightly lower, which is usually a combination of smoother-looking settings and lower input latency;
– The “Main Menu Background” and “Scan item in background” settings have been removed from the video settings page. These settings remain available on the Main Menu and Scan Items screens, respectively;
– Refresh Rate now displays the current refresh rate of your screen in windowed and full screen modes;
– Removed the “Laptop Power Saving” setting, which was not actually configurable in CS2;
– Added “Frame Speed” section to Advanced Video Settings page;
– Added a “NVIDIA G-Sync” line to the Frame Pacing section that tells you whether G-Sync is active or not with your current display settings. This line may be hidden if you are using a Vulkan renderer or if you are not using an NVIDIA graphics card;
– Added “Maximum FPS in Game” and “Maximum FPS in Menus” sliders to the Frame Speed ​​section. They control fps_max and fps_max_ui convars respectively;
– Increased the default “Maximum fps in menus” setting from 120 fps to 200 fps. Advanced video preview now uses the “in-game” fps max instead of the “in menus” max.

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