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WhatsApp with a new look, new channels and more: See the features launched this year in the app |  technology

WhatsApp with a new look, new channels and more: See the features launched this year in the app | technology

WhatsApp – Photo: Brett Jordan/Unsplash

Hey WhatsApp It introduced new features in 2023 with the aim of simplifying the use of the app. Versions range from Changes to the appearance of the platform Which also included the color tone used by the brand until more resources came to the channels.

One of the most prominent points announced last year GoalWhich also owns Facebook and Instagram, was “Canais”, a giant group in which people and companies send messages to an unlimited number of users.

For the year 2024, the company decided to launch the transmission of audio and opinion polls on the channels. You can also update status and add more admins in these spaces.

Learn about the features that WhatsApp has launched in 2024 so far.

WhatsApp allows you to search for messages by a specific date; See how it works – Image: Disclosure/WhatsApp

Simply select the day, month and year in the conversation and see all the messages sent on that date. You can also use this feature to find photos, videos, links, and documents.

How to search for messages by date:

  1. Open a chat and Click on the name of the contact or group;
  2. Enter “Search forThen click on the calendar icon 📅;
  3. Choose the date To display the desired content.

📢 New features in channels

WhatsApp also allows Add others as channel administrators. The app allows up to 16 people to be admin of a channel.

Multiple administrators can create, modify, and delete any update. But only the channel owner can delete them.

WhatsApp changed the position of buttons on Android and received criticism from users – Image: Reproduction

The tone of the app has also changed, and the colors in the app have become more intense. Dark mode has become darker, and Light mode, with more areas in white. Icons and buttons in different shapes and colors.

According to the platform, the changes “were made to provide a more modern experience on WhatsApp, in addition to creating the application More accessible and easy to use“.

The new feature is added to the bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace options, which were already available in the app.

Learn how to change the message format in WhatsApp.

  • Bold (asterisk before and after the excerpt).
  • Italics (underline before and after the excerpt).
  • Strikethrough (useful before and after the excerpt): To send a message containing a crossed-out excerpt.
  • Monospaced (three bold marks before and after the section): For a letter, use a font style in which all letters occupy the same space.
  • List of items (hyphen and space before message): To display the ingredients of a recipe or the main points of a message, for example.
  • Numbered list (number followed by a period and a space before the letter): To mark the step-by-step order of items.
  • Quotation mark (> mark followed by a space before the message): To highlight a section of text and make it more legible in the message.
  • Inline code (serious emphasis before and after content): To share code snippets or commands used by programmers.

📌 Pin three messages for each conversation

  • Tap on the selected message and go to “Repair“;
  • Choose the duration of the pinned message: 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days;
  • The pinned message will appear at the top of the conversation.

In groups, admins choose whether everyone or only admins can pin the message.

💬 Conversation filters

To facilitate organization, the application has created a tool that allows the user Search for conversations from filters.

When you open WhatsApp, you can choose between “everyone“, which is the default message display,”not readable“, only messages that have not yet been displayed, and”groups“, where only groups will appear, including subgroups of communities.

To select filters, simply click on the icon at the top of the chat list.

WhatsApp sticker creator on iPhone – Image: Disclosure/WhatsApp

✂️ Sticker editor

You can automatically crop a photo’s background, draw, write, add an emoji, and even superimpose one sticker on top of another to make the result even more fun. The sticker is saved and can be sent to other contacts later.

How to create a sticker on WhatsApp

  1. Open the sticker box (the label icon to the right of the text box);
  2. He chooses “To create or create“Choose a photo from your gallery;
  3. Customize the label – It is possible to choose to crop, add text, stickers and other graphics;
  4. Confirm the modification And send it in the chat.

How to edit the sticker on WhatsApp

Other WhatsApp news in 2024:

👥 Events and responses in communities: WhatsApp allows admins to create events in groups that are part of communities and for members to respond to announcements made by admins in group notifications.

📸Lock profile picture printing on Android: When trying to record the photo whether from saved contacts or not, the message appears: “Unable to capture screen due to security policy”.

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